Alternative Dairy

Get high protein and digestibility with great taste and texture.

Our soybeans are traceable, US-grown and non-GMO. They’ve also got low oligosaccharide levels with <1% stachyose and <0.5% raffinose. With up to 20% more protein right out of the ground than typical commodity beans, they unlock opportunities for high-protein alternative dairy that avoids isolate spiking. 

High protein — protein levels in typical commodity soybean are only around 50% after crushing. In our ultra-high protein soybeans, they’re 65%.
Digestibility — oligosaccharides lead to poor digestibility. Our soybeans typically contain less than 1% stachyose and less than 0.5% raffinose.
Consumer-friendly taste — milk from our proprietary soybeans beans scored better than milk from commodity beans on most taste parameters in consumer sensory testing.
Consumer-friendly texture — milk from our beans performed significantly better on thickness than milk from commodity beans in consumer sensory testing

Benefits in a broad range of alternative dairy products

Alternative dairy cheese slices.


Alternative dairy - yoghurt


Alternative dairy - milk


Alternative dairy - ice cream.

Ice cream

Alternative dairy - spreads.


Alternative dairy - cream.


A spider graph showing the different taste profiles of alternative dairy products.

A consumer-friendly profile

40% of US consumers who don’t use dairy alternatives claim that taste is the deterrent1. And in our consumer sensory testing, the average overall liking scores for milk rated ‘too thick’ were 1.4 times lower. Our ultra-high protein soybeans have a taste and texture profile that can help you develop dairy alternatives consumers will love.

Learn more about our approach to ESG

Our latest Environmental, Social and Governance Report  shows our progress in empowering people, assessing our impact and establishing governance at all levels.

Our closed-loop solution values American farmers and secures supply

We’ve built a closed-loop solution around our location at the heart of agricultural America. We incentivize our network of farmer partners to grow beans with a high protein density and we process these beans at our soy crush facilities in Iowa and Indiana.

A Benson Hill Innovation

At Benson Hill, we set the pace of innovation in food. It’s how we deliver on our promise to enable more nourishing, sustainable food. Our CropOS® food innovation engine combines data science, machine learning, biology and genetics. The result is better varietals; high in protein and with consumer-friendly nutrition and flavor profiles. CropOS takes the guesswork out of breeding so we can get sustainable protein ingredients to market faster and keep on setting the pace of innovation in food.
1.Base: US: 862 internet users aged 18+ whose households have not used dairy alternatives in the past three months. Source: Kantar Profiles/Mintel, June 2021.

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