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Sustainable, nutrient-rich non-GMO ingredients with the taste and texture consumers want.

Benson Hill‘s revolutionary non-GMO soy protein ingredient portfolio – previously known as TruVail – is made for consumers.

Designed to deliver an authentic meat-like experience, Benson Hill ingredients give consumers the great eating experience they expect from plant-based food.

With Benson Hill’s high protein ingredients, consumers can count on great taste, functionality, and quality.

And because they save significant amounts of energy and water in processing, they’re also made for our planet.

Could they be made for you? Talk to our team today to find out.

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UHP Soy Flour

Infographic of Truvail high-protein soy applications: dairy alternatives, crackers soups, meat extension, baked goods. tortillas.

20% higher protein content than a typical defatted soy flour. Improves foods’ nutritional profile as a plant-based source of quality protein.

UHP Textured Soy Flour

Infographic of Truvail high-protein textured soy flour applications: nutritional products, bars & snacks, processed meat, meat alternatives, cereal.

A cleaner-label, economical alternative to soy protein concentrate and a more value-adding alternative to traditional textured soy flours.

Made for me.

Clean protein made for consumers

Consumers demand high protein levels from their plant-based foods. They also want climate-friendly protein. Typical commodity soybean protein levels are only around 50% after crushing. That’s why these beans need a water- and energy-intensive concentration step. The Made From Better™ non-GMO ultra-high protein soybeans in Benson Hill ingredients have post-crush protein levels of around 60-65%. That means there’s no need for the concentration step, leading to processing energy savings of around 50% and water savings of around 70%.1   We are committed to doing our part to restore the health of our planet, both in our closed-loop supply chain and by promoting regenerative agriculture practices with our network of farmers. That’s why with Benson Hill ingredients, your consumers know they’re getting climate-friendly protein, made for them.  1 On a per kilogram of protein basis, based on preliminary Life Cycle Assessment results conducted by Blonk Consultants (April 2021).
Infographic of TruVail high protein soy ingredients eliminate the concentration step leading to climate-friendly CO2 and water reductions.

Made for American farmers.

A plant-to-plate solution that values farmers

Infographic of farmer network and crush plants, where ultra-high protein soybeans for Truvail are grown and processed.
To make better protein from the beginning, we’ve built a closed-loop, farm-to-fork solution. Along with seed breeders and food manufacturers, our farmer partners are a valued part of this solution. In the conventional agricultural system, most farmers are incentivized to grow high-yielding varieties. That’s because the focus is on fuel, animal feed and industrial markets. Our focus is on consumers, so we reward our farmer partners for protein density and flavor. We give them better premiums and agronomic support. And our location at the heart of agricultural America allows us to build lasting relationships with them. These relationships are the foundation of our strong farm network. As part of our closed-loop solution we have soy crush facilities in Iowa and Indiana, where we process the beans our farmers harvest. These facilities help us meet the growing demand for Made From Better™ clean soy protein ingredients. 

Made From Better.™

Cutting-edge technology that starts with the bean

To make better protein from the beginning, we work to understand what nutrition and flavor profiles consumers want. Then we use a range of technologies to understand which traits already in the bean will give the final protein those profiles.

Our CropOS® platform is the engine that drives all these technologies. This cutting-edge food innovation platform combines data science, machine learning, biology and genetics. It enables proprietary phenotyping, predictive breeding and environmental modeling algorithms. All by using data from 20+ years of high-performance breeding.

CropOS takes the guesswork out of breeding. That’s how we get Made From Better™ sustainable soy protein ingredients to market faster.  

Infographic of the cutting-edge technologies behind Truvail ultra-high protein soy ingredients, driven by CropOS.

Made for our planet.

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