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Benson Hill and Global Food Forums teamed up for a webinar “Better Protein Starts With Better Beans” on June 29 2022.  Watch our experts discuss how we leverage the natural genetic diversity of plants through our CropOS® technology platform to create protein options that are more nutritious, sustainably produced, and affordable.

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Bruce Bennett, President, Ingredients 

Bruce introduces the webinar and shares some background on who we are and what we do.

(ca. 3 mins)

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Jyoti Dharna, Senior Director, Platform & Production Acceleration 

Jyoti explains how we grow prototype products in 3-4 years rather than the traditional 10-15 years – and how that helps you. 

(ca. 7 mins)

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Matt Begemann, Gene Editing & Trait Discovery Lead 

“Most agricultural companies have deep genomic data layers focussed on yield… We’ve done something completely different.” Find out what.

(ca. 8 mins)

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Tonya Ehlmann, Gene Editing Pipeline Lead 

We’ve found farmers to be passionate about creating a new food system. It benefits them and it benefits us. Watch Tonya explain how. 

(ca. 9 mins) 

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Ratna Mukherjea, Senior Director for Food Innovation 

Data, plant and food science. Ratna explores our customer-centric R&D approach for downstream partners – and ultimately, the consumer. 

(ca. 9 mins)

A plant-to-plate solution that values farmers

Infographic of farmer network and crush plants, where ultra-high protein soybeans for Truvail are grown and processed.

To make better protein from the beginning, we’ve built a closed-loop, farm-to-fork solution. Along with seed breeders and food manufacturers, our farmer partners are a valued part of this solution. 

In the conventional agricultural system, most farmers are incentivized to grow high-yielding varieties. That’s because the focus is on fuel, animal feed and industrial markets. Our focus is on consumers, so we reward our farmer partners for protein density and flavor. We give them better premiums and agronomic support. And our location at the heart of agricultural America allows us to build lasting relationships with them. These relationships are the foundation of our strong farm network

As part of our closed-loop solution we have soy crush facilities in Iowa and Indiana, where we process the beans our farmers harvest. These facilities help us meet the growing demand for Made From Better™ clean soy protein ingredients. 

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