Benson Hill Talks

Benson Hill and Global Food Forums teamed up for a webinar “Better Protein Starts With Better Beans” on June 29 2022. Watch our experts discuss how we leverage the natural genetic diversity of plants through our CropOS® technology platform to create protein options that are more nutritious, sustainably produced, and affordable.
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Bruce Bennett, President, Ingredients 

Bruce introduces the webinar and shares some background on who we are and what we do.

(ca. 3 mins)

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Jyoti Dharna, Senior Director, Platform & Production Acceleration 

Jyoti explains how we grow prototype products in 3-4 years rather than the traditional 10-15 years – and how that helps you. 

(ca. 7 mins)

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Matt Begemann, Gene Editing & Trait Discovery Lead 

“Most agricultural companies have deep genomic data layers focussed on yield… We’ve done something completely different.” Find out what.

(ca. 8 mins)

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Tonya Ehlmann, Gene Editing Pipeline Lead 

We’ve found farmers to be passionate about creating a new food system. It benefits them and it benefits us. Watch Tonya explain how. 

(ca. 9 mins) 

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Ratna Mukherjea, Senior Director for Food Innovation 

Data, plant and food science. Ratna explores our customer-centric R&D approach for downstream partners – and ultimately, the consumer. 

(ca. 9 mins)

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Lisa Newman, Senior Director Crop Accelerator & Field Operations

Watch Lisa explain how our Crop Acceletator bends time and folds space to generate next-gen products. Watch now.

(ca. 6 mins)