UHP textured soy flour crumble. A cost-optimized alternative to textured soy protein concentrate.

No concentration step needed

Made from beans grown by US farmers, Benson Hill’s ultra-high protein textured soy flour delivers the same taste and functionality as textured soy protein concentrate (TSPC). All while eliminating the concentration step.  

Eliminating this costly, resource-intensive step unlocks supply constraints. That means our ingredients are available right now in a variety of forms including crumbles and flakes 


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Replace SPC with Benson Hill ingredients in meat extension

  • Cost savings of up to 30%1
  • Sustainability savings of ~50% in CO2e emissions and ~70% in water use2
  • No impact on yield, taste, texture or moisture3 

1 Based on lower cost per unit of gel strength relative to commodity TSPC.
2 Relative to US sourced, commodity SPC.
3 Equivalent cooked yield, hydration level, and hydration rates relative to commodity TSPC.

Benson Hill ingredients: benefits in meat extenders

Benson Hill ingredients: clean taste and cost savings

We use a range of cutting-edge technologies to develop ultra-high protein soybeans. These deliver at least 20% more protein compared to commodity U.S. soybeans. We also choose varietals with optimal flavor profiles. So with Benson Hill ingredients, you can give consumers great-tasting products with a cleaner label.  

Our ingredients’ meat-like texture promotes an excellent sensory experience with strong moisture retention. It’s available in both crumble and flaked forms, with options to meet your color, size, and fortification needs. They’re suited to all your ground and formed meat applications.  Why not get in touch to find out more?

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